What you need to know when moving to Sydney

If you are thinking of relocating to Sydney, you are not alone. The gorgeous harbor, amazing beaches and the warm temperate climate attracts people from all parts of the world to this city. There are over 300 sunny days here every year, which make people from England and other parts of the western world like to settle here. The laid-back, casual and stylish lifestyle of the city is one of the first things that attract people to it. But if you are seriously considering relocating here, there is more that you should know about the city.

Global Diversity

Sydney has a varied network of suburbs which give an international appearance to the city. It is a culturally diverse place, with the city centre, the small bar and many famous restaurants offering a cosmopolitan look. Cabramatta and Leichhardt are two suburbs in Sydney which give it a diverse character. Leichhardt is regarded as the “Little Italy of Sydney” as it consists of a piazza along with a few of the best known Italian cafes and restaurants in the city.

Economic Stability

The Australian dollar is as strong as it can be, and it stands as an economically stronger nation even in this financially turbulent climate. This makes it better for those who plan to relocate or have already moved to the continent. Although the high cost of living in the city can be shocking for many, there are plenty of options that expats can use for saving money. With a high interest savings, you can get an annual interest rate hovering between 3 and 4.62%. Although the Reserve Bank of Australia has recently reduced the interest rate, it is still greater when compared to nations such as the U.S where the high interest savings is 0.95% at best.

Working conditions

Australia is a land of opportunities when it comes to employment. The people here are proud of the rights of workers, and the employee’s rights really make the employment conditions better in this place more than in any other place on the planet. This is the first city on the globe to set a 40-hour work per week law. In Australia, the minimal wage is a little more than 17 AUD every hour. Every weekend, most employees also get fantastic penalty rates. Relocating here is really fun!

There is a superannuation fund which is actually a retirement fund receiving support from the government. The superannuation makes it really a joy to work in this city, and anywhere in Australia for that matter.

Great culture

The culture of the place is undoubtedly rich, and vibrant. Here stands the famous Sydney Opera House, which is booked all year around with theatre productions, lecture sessions, orchestra and rock performances with artists joining in from the world over. Other than Opera House, there is also the State Theatre which can accommodate 2nd or 3rd performances when the former is booked too much to capacity to accommodate repeat shows.

There is the Sydney Festival which is held in January which kick starts the annual festivities in this city. There are other amazing festive events such as the Vivid Light Festival and the Bondi Winter Festival including light shows and ice skating shows respectively. There is hardly a boring moment for residents of this city.

Night life

The night life is very vibrant here, with a great sports culture to spice things up. People here have a habit of staying up very late to watch night sports events occurring in other parts of the globe. There are bars and clubs you can visit, but you should carry an age proof document such as a passport in order to get age-verified and gain entry.

There are quite a few posh restaurants and great coffee shops to drive to. Coffee drinking is like a religion here, and Aussies really love their espresso. However late it is, you can get moving to Mecca Espresso or Single Origin and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee.

Overall ambience

This city is a great place to raise your family in. It is surrounded by nature, with the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to its north, the Royal National Park to its south and the Lane Cove National Park situated near the Chatswood train station. There are community centres your kids can play in, and there are also activities for new moms.

There are plenty of play parks, such as Sydney Park and Darling Quarter, where you can hang out with your kids and also interact with other parents and make friends with them. The public school systems are one of the best on Earth. In the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey conducted in 2010, Australia ranks 9th in education. There are plenty of faith based schools and private schools as well.

Moving to Sydney has its many benefits, and you will love the fusion of the small town ambience and urban stylishness in the same place.

If you do decide to relocate to or around Sydney, be sure to use professional removalists Sydney who can help your settle into your new home quicker and easier.